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GIRDAC Free PDF Creator

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A practical tool for creating PDF documents from a variety of external applications

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added on July 16, 2018


Totally free, no advertisements and similar
Can be used from a variety of external applications
Easy to use, with a simple interface
Low on disk space and system resources
Produces quality PDF files
Works fast, without errors


Lacks customization options
Interface is available only in English language
GIRDAC Free PDF Creator
Price: $0.00
As the name suggests, GIRDAC Free PDF Creator is a tool for creating PDF documents. It can be used to create PDF files directly from other applications, as it gets inserted as a printer option into the global system print menu.

This way it enables you to create PDF files from applications like Notepad, Microsoft Word, and similar text editing processors, as well as from image viewers and so on. Basically all you have to do to create a PDF document is click Print and choose GIRDAC as a printer option.

This way a document or image gets sent directly to the GIRDAC Free PDF Creator. So, shortly after, the tools window opens. Here you are able to set output location and filename, and choose whether you want to open the PDF file after creation.

If you however get lost in the process or run into troubles of any kind whilst using this tool, an extensive help is available and is accessible directly from the tools interface. Technical support is also available. The tool is also free to use, without any advertisements or similar.

Otherwise, GIRDAC Free PDF Creator is a really simple tool for creating PDF files, and it has a really simple interface, consisting of only one window. It does not have any output PDF file customization options, as you can only choose the output location.
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• PC 133-MHz
• 128 MB RAM
• 14 MB hard disk space

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